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17.PDF Ebook Cameroons_response_July_2009.pdf
Republic of Cameroon - Redress - Rights Committee, a communication against the State of Cameroon. .... 4 The English translation of the 1997 Code of Criminal Procedure not being available ... | republicTags: cameroon redress republic
18.PDF Ebook cameroon_cedaw_vaw_february_2014.pdf
CAMEROON Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination ... - Feb 28, 2014 ... .... While the Cameroonian Penal Code provides punishment for rape, the law is not ... | theTags: cameroon committee discrimination elimination
19.PDF Ebook English legal defences.pdf
legal defences derived from the English "reasonable chastisement" - Nov 10, 2015 ... Penal Code 1951 (art. 89); Sharia Penal Code 2013 (arts. 18, 24). CAMEROON. - . English common law. CANADA. 1867-1982. Criminal Code ... | theTags: chastisementquot defences derived english from legal quotreasonable
20.PDF Ebook DownloadAsset.aspx?id=39584
Criminal liability of the Police in Cameroon - single criminal procedure code in Cameroon are also examined and .... penal code depended on English or French criminal procedural laws with the sometimes. | theTags: cameroon criminal liability police
21.PDF Ebook cameroon_ccpr_1993_report.pdf
Distr. GENERAL CCPR/C/63/Add.1 5 April 1993 ENGLISH Original ... - Apr 5, 1993 ... ENGLISH ... been incorporated into Cameroonian domestic law. ..... Cameroon, and the Criminal Code provides severe penalties for any ... | originalTags: 1993 april ccprc63add1 distr english general original
22.PDF Ebook Cameroon-CO-1.pdf
Cameroon - CO-1 - Committee that in Cameroon, discrimination against women resulted from the de ... article 361 of the Penal Code defined the crime of adultery in terms more. | co-1Tags: cameroon co-1
23.PDF Ebook 1D65E8B46970
Women, law, and human rights in Cameroon: Progress or status quo? - Apr 6, 2014 ... plurality of laws, primarily, English Common Law, and. French Civil Law ... The Cameroon Penal Code covers such abuse under sections 275 ... | womenTags: cameroon human law progress quo rights status women
24.PDF Ebook Shadow-report-English-1.pdf
Shadow report (English) - ILGA - Oct 4, 2012 ... Cameroon, and the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission ... Article 347 bis of the Cameroon Penal Code punishes “sexual ... | shadowTags: english ilga report shadow
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